Do We Need More Nuclear Plants?

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Another US $10 Billion to build two nuclear plants in Bushehr– according to Akbar Salehi head of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Organization.

By HASSAN FATHI: The first installment on payment is due next week: Yet the public, political analysts and some officials are surprised. No mention of the beneficiary of these contracts – but it is understood that Moscow is to build the two plants. It brings back bitter memories during the construction of the existing Bushehr Nuclear Plant. Countless work stoppages, controversy and international sanctions – decades in the making.

Salehi seemed serious in his commitment although the existing Bushehr Nuclear Plant is yet to come fully on stream and contribute to the national electricity grid. Did the Russians stall on promises – or did the project meet other obstacles, is not clear? Russian technology is also under scrutiny: Power plants amidst the furor of oil and gas production in the region is also a matter for international concern. Is there a hidden motive for the contract or is Iran being pushed into the deal?

The general global outlook on nuclear energy is negative. Germany is closing existing plants and France is trying to cut down on nuclear energy output.

Renewable energy is also on the rise – wind, water and solar energy. Increased investment and research is leading to remarkable breakthroughs in reducing cost through modern technology. Fukushima Nuclear Plant tragedy in Japan and Chernobyl Nuclear accident are clear examples of what could happen! Nuclear is dangerous and unreliable! Some consider nuclear plants as potential nuclear disasters waiting to happen. No wonder that France and Germany are cutting down on the need for nuclear energy!

Dealing with Moscow has its own flaws: Can they work to schedule and deliver on time?  Western and Israeli objections have often led to work stoppages in their contracts with Iran. Russia has not been an exception when signing UN Security Council motions. Candidly speaking, based on past experiences, we shouldn’t take on any further liabilities in this field. Iran is ideally placed to exploit renewable energy – solar power in particular. Why invest good money on precarious projects and be pressured in perilous circumstances? Why not listen to constructive talk and protest the public and future generations from the hazards of nuclear plants.

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