Expert: Nuclear deal supporters in US work hard to keep it

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Barbara Slavin, a well-known American journalist and a member of Atlantic Council believes that supporters of Iran nuclear deal will do their utmost to save the agreement during the Trump era.

In an interview with IRNA in New York, Slavin said,’Those of us who support the Iran nuclear agreement will work very hard to convince Trump and Congress that they should not jeopardize an agreement that is working.

‘It is good that Iranian leaders have proclaimed their continued support for the JCPOA. It would be helpful if they publicly or privately, through diplomatic channels, expressed their willingness to work with the new U.S. administration on other matters of concern.’

On the future of Syria war under presidency of Trump, Slavin said, ‘I hope the Trump administration will continue efforts to end the war in Syria through a diplomatic process. Trump’s admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin could be an asset in that regard.’

On Yemen war, the American expert said,’Trump has not expressed any particular admiration for Saudi Arabia and it is possible that his administration will put pressure on the Saudis to reach a diplomatic solution with Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis.’

On the Middle East peace process and Palestine issue, Slavin said, ‘A two-state solution has faded from view even under the Obama administration and will probably not be revived by the Trump administration.’

Slavin also called the result of US presidency election as a horrible experience and expressed hope that everybody will survive Mr. Trump.

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