Iran and Our Friends!

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At the time of negotiations prior to the final signing of the 5+I Nuclear Pact with Iran, it was essential for Tehran to avoid chastisement.

By HASSAN FATHI: Avoid compromising those very nations and companies which would later bail us out of Economic slump and set us on course for sustainable development.

We were intent on overriding criticism and discarding Sanctions for good at a time of total Economic collapse.

Some, of course, insisted on self-depravation with handpicked collaborators – later dubbed “Friends of Sanctions” – distressed contingent. They pandered to certain countries which readily traded with the West and acknowledged UN Security Council but kept an eye on Iran, purporting to be our friends.

Ever since the nuclear pact when sanctions were lifted, Iran scrupulously safeguarded national interest and heartily welcomed well-wishers: Always ready to engage with reliable partners, reputable and trustworthy. That’s why European Union, amongst others, is at the top of our list, at the forefront of our drive for sustainable development. We must bolster the Economy. We are moving in the right direction, steadily with measured steps. European Union has demonstrated its willingness for closer ties – a powerful ally in times of need. The newly established EU Office in Tehran is an opportunity: We must seize the chance while it is there – over and above diplomatic protocol or niceties!

Bigotry and narrow mindedness get us nowhere – though some stubbornly look to their own interest and insist on suppressing Economic growth.

We suffered enough during the sanctions era, irreversible blow! A national effort is now needed. Experience and expertise are in short supply: Technology, state-of-the-art savoir faire! Where better to look than the 28 group of nations? The EU is reliable, internationally renowned for business, working to schedule and delivering on time. They never showed hostility or bitterness towards us! True to their pledge – start with the newly established EU office in Tehran: Belief in rapprochement is one thing but we must first squash dogged opposition to dealing with European Union.


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