Iran, France and EU

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Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takhte-Ravanchi travelled to Paris to discuss bilateral political ties. Paris promised the Iranian deputy Foreign Minister for American and European Affairs that the Joint Franco-Iranian Economic Commission would soon convene.

By HASSAN FATHI:  Contrary to outcome of US Presidential Elections! President-elect Donald Trump pronounced harsh words against Iran. Republicans now hold the White House, Congress and Senate.

It’s still too early, according to political pundits, to predict what exactly Trump will or will not do: But Iran must push ahead with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). We must demonstrate our willingness to work with France, Germany and all signatories to the pact – détente is vital: Otherwise, we will descend into panic and pandemonium; heading nowhere!

Obviously, these are trying times! Confidence building, tip-toeing ahead in spite of stiff opposition: We still haven’t resolved all outstanding problems with US Democrats – quite aside from nuclear issue! Negotiations could Grind to a halt!

Détente with Europe is generally straightforward – much harder with Washington!  EU leverage could help dampen increasing US militancy. Time and again such policies proved successful and should therefore be continued.

The stumbling block lies in the political bickering and radical factions inside the country. Impervious to the realities of the world and the need for unity in order to safeguard national interest, they clamour for an end to JCPOA: Scuttling all attempts at improving ties with European Union.

The opposition is hogging the spotlight at every opportunity to manipulate public opinion: Tarnishing our good name! Why blast the efforts of all involved? Ignorance is bliss, they say! Oblivious to the urgency of the issue, need for unity in the cause of national interests!

As if any further eastward push in policy and closer ties with China or Russia could help! Both China and Russia were signatories to the anti-Iranian UN Security Council Sanctions! Iran was prohibited from purchasing the SS Anti-Missile System while the Sanctions were in force. The hue and cry against European Union in Iran is unwarranted! Otherwise, vested interest is planning mischief and plans to create chaos to serve its murky conspiracy.

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