Nationwide 13th Aban rallies underway

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The 13th Aban rallies are being held in the Iranian capital and coincidently in all over the country on November 3.

۱۳th Aban (November 4, 1979) is named in Iran as the Student Day, which marks the take-over of the US embassy in Tehran. The day falls on November 3 this year.

The Iranian people and officials have massively taken part in today’s rallies.

During the nationwide 13th Aban rallies, the Iranian nation show hatred for the global arrogance and renew allegiance to the Islamic principles that set by the father of the 1979 Islamic Revolution the late Imam Khomeini.

۱۱۰ foreign correspondents from 53 world media and 750 domestic reporters from 55 media in Iran are covering the 13th Aban rallies

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جهت ارسال پیام و دیدگاه خود از طریق فرم زیر اقدام و موارد زیر را رعایت نمایید:
  • پر کردن موارد الزامی که با ستاره قرمز مشخص شده است اجباری است.
  • در صورتی که سوالی را در بخش دیدگاه مطرح کرده باشید در اولین فرصت به آن پاسخ داده خواهد شد.