Pakistan Ambassador Urges Bilateral Free Trade with Iran

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H.E. Asif Durrani Pakistani Ambassador to Iran said that given the importance of bilateral trade with Iran, free trade between the two countries could enhance business and block contraband.

The envoy recently spoke to businessmen in Sistan, Baluchistan Province in the Chamber of Commerce in Zahedan. The emissary said that between the two bordering states of Sistan and Baluchistan in the two countries, traditional exchanges and local commerce takes place. One of the main problems for bilateral trade is customs and excise levies. The issue should be satisfactorily resolved, he added.

Amicable ties and contacts between the two sides is the rule, said the envoy. Cultural, religious, political and historical commonalities between the regions are a matter of pride and satisfaction. Given the importance of relations between the two neighboring countries, if free trade between Iran and Pakistan were implemented, the measure would be a welcome boost to the commodity boom and block contraband, said the envoy.

Durrani said that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had agreed to bolster bilateral annual trade to US $5 billion. His trip was designed to preapare the ground for the measure. Exhibitions are regularly held in Iran and Paksitan to promote trade and encourage business. Iran is due to hold an Exhibiton in Karachi Februaay 21st – ۲۸th 2017.

Durrani welcomed the current work underway in Chabahar Port which is fast becoming a regional hub  and major port with extended mooring  and docking capacities and infra-structure for business and commerce. The nearby port of The , ith enlarged cargo loading and unloading facilities and implementing the infra-structure in the surrounding region for commerce and and for urtde in the afaaoding capacity, plus constructthe , landing and loadinhenincsz iosid tht The Pakistani Ambassador in Iran was done on the basis of the agreement between said Dr Rohani and EU observers say is the roof of the trade between Pakistan and Iran to reach the five billion dollars that the purpose of our trip to Sistan and Baluchestan expedite the fulfillment of this agreement is.

Durrani by stating in the field of electricity and gas, good progress has been achieved between the two countries, said in the next two weeks for the purchase of power from Pakistan to the associative sense Iran travel.

Pointing to hold نمایشگاههایی in Pakistan and Iran, said the exhibition is a good job in the two countries so that the prescribed ۲۱ Up to ۲۸ February exhibition in Karachi and the fourth to the seventh of March will also be held in exhibition.

He added: “with regard to the importance of exhibiting its درصددیم after the provincial and national level, at the level of small cities in the mirjaveh and tftan we set up, and on the contrary holding نمایشگاههایی of Sistan and Baluchestan is relations in Pakistan ۲ The country gives rise.

Pointing to the commercial launch of the joint border in the former ریمدان and the rest make it worthwhile step in increasing relations between the two countries, and added: “with regard to the importance of these two borders regarding the necessary structures and installations in Pakistan we will also track to expand the relations.

Pointing to the importance of the two port of Chabahar and several said the attention to infrastructure and equipment needed in these two important port as the adoptive sister underlie enhanced communication is.

He is on the rail line connection between Chabahar and several stressed and it’s including the necessities the area knew and said, according to a population of over ۲۹۰ Million people ۲ Iran and Pakistan have the ties in various sectors to increase economic.

He suggested the setting up of Zahedan to Quetta Chamber of Commerce and an important subject and emphasized on the track.

He was referring to the agreement signed between the two countries, said: this agreement before a four-wood ۲ The country that can be based on that investment will move to the side of the.

He stressed the quality of rice مرغوبیت and Pakistan and said: this is a high quality production with respect to this product is ready to meet Iran needed rice..

Pakistan’s Ambassador in Tehran, Zahedan arrived Friday evening and was in for a week of your stay in Sistan and Baluchistan, in addition to meeting with the representative of velayat-e Faqih and the Imam of Friday prayer of Zahedan and Governor of Sistan and Baluchistan, as well as the border markets ۲ The country will see the Chabahar free zone.

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