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Whenever it’s time for the presidential elections, hostile tongues begin to wag – but confronting the Government is tantamount to opposing the nation.

By Hassan FATHI: Whenever it’s time for the presidential elections, hostile tongues begin to wag – but confronting the Government is tantamount to opposing the nation. A Government elected by the people, working for the people. Woe to the unhappy faction – dismayed at the turn of events!  They will resort to any means or instrument at their disposal to destroy general satisfaction: Even resorting to foul play and insurrection in order to undermine public support for the Government.

Murky figures have emerged who silently acquiesced in the atrocities of the last regime for eight years: Hue and cry at the achievements of our moderate Government. Even that did not suffice – resorting to lies to prove their point – anything to undermine public trust in the Government. Opposing – if need be, by forceful means, undermining the rule of law peace.

Criticism and analysis are institutionalized in modern Democracy – to be appreciated and praised: regrettably, some with iron-clad armour and protection, immune from public prosecution, are bent on destroying the fabric of our institutions.

Call it psychological warfare. Machiavellian creed – the means justify the end, they say. Success at any price is their motto. It is intolerable that we should suffer at their hands.

Power of the people is institutionalized in our modern world – Democracy, it is called. According to the Minister of Information who spoke recently at the Press Exhibition, some cling to the archaic notion that brute force must be the order of the day.

“I don’t deny the power of the military as a deterrent to war,” and added: “But our national strength is in popular acclaim and our power is embedded in the voice of the masses.”

This is particularly relevant when opposition is out to grab the limelight. The President underlined the role of diplomacy in the process of achieving peace. Some are dissatisfied at the removal of Sanctions because it spells the end of their influence. They use every opportunity to voice their displeasure, clinging to the podium which should be amenable to all. They slander the public and claim that the Government has no credibility. “The Government has ruined our reputation,” they say, adding: “All is lost!”

Their ranting is far worse than the bitter feud and nasty exchanges between Hillary and Trump in the US presidential race – and unjust! Bitter disappointment at the voice of the nation in support of our Government.


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