Platform of South Pars 20th phase installed in Persian Gulf

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Platform weighing 2,600 tons was installed Saturday was successfully installed on its jacket in Persian Gulf waters in the context of the 20th Phase of South Pars oil and gas field.

Installation of the platform built by the Iranian experts will help extract one billion cubic feet of gas from the joint gas field of South Pars.

The Oceanic 5000, the biggest pipe layer and installer belonged to Marine Installations Company installed the platform on its jacket.

Hookup operations and commissioning of the 20th Platform immediately started and the platform is now in its final stage of development.

Director of 20th and 21st phases of South Pars, Alireza Ebadi said that the platform will be operational in less than three months after installation operations.

The 20th and 21st phases of South Pars with capacity of one billion cubic feet each have been totally designed, installed and commissioned by the Iranian experts, he said.

According to Ebadi, commissioning the pipelines of phase 21 and phase 20 will be completed by November 20 and December 20 respectively.

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