Regional Security!

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Iran is constantly grappling with regional tensions, threats and multiple crises. Heightened security measures have been implemented to deal with these problems. Coordination and interaction with our neighbours and the world at large are another aspect of this campaign.

By HASSAN FATHI: Chinese and Russian delegations have been shuttling back and forth to discuss plans of action. The presidents of Armenia, Ghazaghestan and Gherzistan are also due shortly in Iran. Iran is looking at the greater picture of security for all.

 There is an opportunity for coordination and interaction with these countries. Cooperation at the international and regional level could allay threats and ensure the welfare of each and every country. Coordination and interaction between all concerned is vital if we are to succeed and overcome terrorist and radical groups; otherwise the situation will degenerate! We must block outside attempts to scuttle peace and security.

Asia and the Middle East in particular, have never been more insecure. .. The way forward is Interaction, exchange of information and cooperation. constant vigil is the only way forward. Iran and our neighbours are facing threats. The deplorable situation in Syria and insecurity in Iraq are prime examples of what is at stake. Bickering, political procrastination, war of words and feuds serve no purpose: They make things worse!

Iran has adopted useful measures – a sign of goodwill towards our neighbours: Avoiding tension and extremis at all cost. Iran’s northern border Russia ruled with  iron fist during the Soviet era but with the fall of the regime, former satellite states emerged. Multiple countries sprang up on our northern border and further afield in the Middle East and beyond: The fallout led to the rise of radicalism, zealotry and terrorism.

Where there is a will, there is a way! Group action by all parties: Renegade groups which were defeated in other parts of the world specifically targeted these countries as easy prey. They began recruiting – mind-washing, luring youngsters with promises of adventure, arms and money. Political pundits have hailed Iran’s attempts for consultation and joint effort with its neighbours and others to defeat these fleet footed, murky elements.

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