The Need to Engage in Dialogue with Outside World!

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The issue of establishing an EU office in Tehran has incurred strong criticism from some quarters. Orchestrated attempts are scuttling the move: Ban any attempt to connect Iran with outside world or powerful nations, they say.

By HASSSAN FATHI: Elsewhere, it is evident that rapprochement is the only way to enhance Iran’s Economic growth. But how to undermine nepotism, sinecures, racketeering and hegemony inside the country?

Economic growth was stifled during the Sanctions’ era. Public disappointment and dismay at rampant unemployment took its toll on our youth. Strong-hand measures were introduced to quell opposition, killing aspiration in many quarters!

Radicalism, eccentricity and rash measures are not the answer to common sense.

“Moderation, moderation in all things, even moderation.”

Tolerance and dialogue with one and all, particularly our neighbours: We must stamp out senseless acts of unprovoked violence, virulent outbursts and foul-mouthed language! Time and again such instances proved futile!

Why damage our international image or good name? Why disparage positive developments? Inward investment is becoming a reality, outside help is coming in the form of technological expertise to motivate and promote industry: Create jobs! We must be a positive force for peace and security in the region: Develop our own Economic growth – recover lost ground!

Courage! Guts to stand up for one’s beliefs!  Licence and libel are not the way!

 Those who dictate seclusion and oppose rapprochement with the West – are mistaken! Ignorance is bliss, they say: Why bother with the outside world? Who needs technology, expertise or the rule of law?

Iran has observer status in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – for what it’s worth! Iran first suggested the establishment of Caspian Cooperation Organization in February 1991 following the collapse of the former USSR but nothing of substance has come of it. It’s a rip-off in real terms!

Either we accept the EU in its entirety or we don’t! There’s no half measure! The opposition in Iran is clamouring for an end to all negotiations: Narrow minded,  ignorant of the facts of life or out to make a buck!

Macro-Economics, it is called! The European Union – a block of 500 million people – open borders – movement of labour – articulate and extremely powerful. Free Trade – open borders! The right to work and reap the benefits – the right to education and Medicare for all! The GDP of the 28 block union is estimated at US $17.6 trillion – the rest of the world is constantly knocking at the doors of Brussels to reap the benefits! Iran must be united, protect its national sovereignty and interests! Weather the storm in the interest of all – become part and parcel of a greater world!

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