(Trump Victory and Future of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA

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 HASSAN FATHI: President elect Donald Trump made it. Unexpected, perhaps, but it proves, once again, that the will of the people ultimately rules. The orchestrated cries of “Hillary, Hillary” simply didn’t happen. The White House slipped out of her hands and the lesser vote – ۵۰۰,۰۰۰ – carried the day for Donald Trump.

In the last decade Washington, Mideast ties – Iran in particular – have been precarious and even bitter. Yet the signing of JCPA last year changed all that and the views of the signatories on Iran took a turn for the better – less friction for one thing: General opinion by all concerned focused on the continuation of the status quo in case of a Democratic victory.

What now that Trump has won the White House, Congress and Senate. Queries have been raised over the signing of Joint Plan of Action in the United States. Yet the pact ensures that all concerned benefit from the accord. National interest of the United States lies in working collectively with its global partners to reap the benefits of the Joint Plan. Ultimately, Washington will follow in the footsteps of the other signatories.

The Republicans reflected negatively on the plan from the outset of the US presidential race. A faction within Iran is like-minded and ready to frustrate the aspirations and hopes of the general public. “So much for the Joint pact” they say: But international norms state otherwise. Reactionary groups are ill-informed on the liability of each and every signatory to abide by the terms of the treaty.

The Nuclear Accord received the blessing of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The UN Security Council approved of the pact. This is not the whim of a particular group or faction – not to be dismissed as a trivial issue.

Not the first time that Iran has cropped up at the United States presidential race. During the John Kennedy and Jimmy Carter era Human Rights fared prominently. Ultimately, the Pahlavi regime survived the rhetoric and weathered the storm. During the Reagan presidency and Bush the younger’s regime tempers ran high but moderation eventually prevailed. The interest of America dictated their policies. Trump threatened to tare

up the joint Plan of Action but the US Administration may have other ideas!

All things being equal, it is not unlikely that the new Administration will demonize Iran – nor will the latter relinquish the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The

Hue and cry and buccaneering attitude will subside. The Virulent bickering of the election trail is over. The Governing of a Super Power needs calm and wisdom.

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