VELAYATI: Americans have to admit realties in the world

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Head of the Research Center at the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati said on Tuesday that the US empire is falling apart and new US president has to deal with very tough economic situation.

What is going on in the US is the reflection of the country’s realities and the new president focused on polices contrary to the customary approach of the United States, he said.

He said that currently the US forces have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other places which are of high costs and that their presence in those regions proved fruitless.

He said that the Saudi government has created a bloodbath in Yemen using the US weapons and that they have created Daesh which left destructive consequences to the region.

It was a wrong claim that the sunshine of the US empire has captured the world, such a claim never happened, he said.

Just like the UK governments which limited their influence and focused on their own foreign policy after World War II, the Americans have to admit realties in the world, he said.

The US great ambitions are the root-cause of current developments in the country, urging the US people to elect a candidate who lacks such a competence, he said.

On the claim made by Trump to rip off Iran’s nuclear agreement with G5+1, he said as it also stated by the Supreme Leader, if they rip off the deal, Iran will set it afire, Velayati said.

The Americans did not keep their promises with regards to JCPOA which shows their disloyalty, causing degradation of the US stance within group 5+1 and the European countries would distance themselves from US, he said.

It seems unlikely the US to be able to bring together the six countries and repeat their past allegations as Iran proved that the Americans tell lies and are disloyal to their pledges, he said.

He said that countries such as France and Germany are now protesting to US over way of conduct with the international peace and security, he said.

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