Vital Need for Employment!

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We are determined to motivate and build our Economy and lay the groundwork for sustainable development in the country, according to President Hassan Rouhani.

By HASSAN FATHI: The President has good ideas and intentions but they must be put to work. Iran needs a major employment plan, coordinate and imperative for all Government agencies and private sector to execute. No good making plans which are then shelved and forgotten!
Our youngsters need education and training in order to make it happen. We must establish to the fundamental basics for it to happen. Rampant unemployment is ravaging our society and decimating family values. It’s a long road to sustainable development. The nation is in the grip of redundancy, rampant inflation and the ever increasing gap between rich and poor. The income gap between rich and poor is painful. In real terms, 30% – 40% are unemployed.
The Administration of Moderation and Hope has managed during its several years’ tenure to tackle inflation – though value for money is closely related to issues of labour, transport, effort of the technician, artisan, mechanic or salesmen who markets a commodity.
Iran patched up differences with the outside world for the time being: Sanctions – not all – have been wavered. EU foreign affairs chief Frederica Mogherini defied Trump contrary to all prognostics: She took the bull by the horns: Iran must be bold, live up to promises!
Iran’s approach to industry, modernization, climate change and even technology and even natural disasters must come from abroad – spoon fed, we are!
The Brain Drain – ۱۰۰,۰۰۰ Iranians in Sweden, 10,000 in responsible jobs and high positions, Some 200,000 University graduates leave the country each year. “A good sign,” according to one official, adding: “They will come back to build the country.” – Ironic, since the state paid for their education. Iran is squandering its most precious asset – highly educated men and women. This could be the
root cause of our problem – we need new blood – a new wave of thinkers!
Thousands from the inner clique earn massive salaries and benefits for no work done. Some officials are holding down several lucrative posts. Down in the bazaar, seventy year olds clutch their abacus all day and earn millions while young and bright, upcoming youngsters are left in the cold. Profiteering is immoral: Stamp out sinecures and nepotism!

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