British MP accuses UK government of hypocrisy

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Member of British Parliament for West Tyrone Pat Doherty slammed Theresa May’s recent remarks in PGCC in Bahrain and said that the UK government is hypocritical and untrustworthy.

In an interview with IRNA in London, Doherty said, ‘British government has always been full of contradictions and hypocrisies on their own history right up to the present day. Up to now they have refused to deal with the legacy of the past, because that would expose their bad record and their collusion policy. So the British government is not a trustworthy government to deal with.’

Commenting on May’s controversial speech about Iran, the British MP said, ‘Obviously, Iran is a powerful big nation; it is emerging out of sanctions of the international world and is flourishing. Britain is probably unsure as to how it should relate to Iran and their role is a bit of flux back and forward. But I think Iran is a big country and the people of Iran are a proud and honorable nation.’

On his opinion about the US extension of Iran sanction Act and how Britain would react, Doherty said, ‘At the end of the day, UK will not contradict the American approach. They will always fall behind the Americans.
At times of crisis, there can be times of opportunity, when people are unsure what the next approach is, then the right voices can emerge, voices of reason saying there is a better way, then this is a chance to do it.’

To a question if he thinks that PM’s trip to Bahrain has led her to change her attitude to Iran, Doherty said even if there is a change, there could be an opportunity for Iran in it.

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