Culture minister: JCPOA changes Europe’s approach towards Iran

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Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri has said that implementation of the landmark nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has changed the European countries’ approach towards Iran.

Salehi Amiri made the remarks Wednesay evening in a meeting with Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Friedrich Stift.

Touching upon the upcoming visit of the Austrian President Heinz Fischer to Iran, he added the visit would mark a turning point for the promotion of mutual ties in political, economic and cultural arenas.

Salehi Amiri underscored the ground is properly prepared for reinforcement of joint cooperation in the fields of cultural and artistic activities including cinema, museum, theater, music, books, visual arts, painting and holding joint exhibitions.

He added holding bilateral negotiations between the two capitals would play a pivotal role in making the Iranian and Austrian governments and nations further familiarized with each other and this would help reach an agreement to tackle terrorist groups, Daesh in particular.

Holding negotiations is a best way to introduce the clement face of Islam to the world which has been tarnished by the hideous actions of terrorist groups in the international community, the minister added.

Meanwhile, Stift called for reinforcement of mutual relations in the fields of art and culture.

He added that Austria enjoys amicable relations with Iranian artists in conducting different music events in the European country.

Stiff also called for further Tehran-Vienna cooperatioin in the field of producing joint movies and holding cinema weeks in the two capitals.

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