Exports from Qeshm Free Trade Zone rise by 90 percent

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A senior official in the Qeshm Free Trade Zone said exports from this Persian Gulf Island to foreign countries as well as other free trade zones in the country has risen by 92 percent this calendar year (started March 20).Direct General for the organization for industries, mines and trade Jahangir Majidi said that the figure shows a remarkable rise as compared with the same period last year.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he said the production of items destined for export too has remarkably improved thanks to the well-calculated activities of small-scale businesses reaching a volume of 23,600,00 dollars which is higher by 12 million dollars than the same period last year.

He said 17 production units active in such areas as manufacturing furniture, fisheries and boats are exporting commodities to the UAE, Oman, Iraq, India, Italy, Somalia, Kuwait and Turkmenistan.

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