French Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Asks for 2% GDP Budget

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“You don’t win a war without an effort”, says general Pierre de Villiers . French President François Holland said that the military budget was sufficient but is expected to increase it for the coming years.
The day after of the attack to the RAM truck that left 12 people dead Monday evening in Berlin the officer asked for “a progressive increase of the defense budget” to reach 2% of GDP, compared to current 1.77%: “Ensuring, in the long term, the protection of France and French people against sundry threats”, he added. “The price of peace is war effort, “says the general.
The general believes: “The defense budget should reach the 2% target of GDP within five years”.
Asked by journalists on the demand of de Villiers, the President of the Republic stressed that “the defence budget has already been increased throughout the last five years,” adding: “We now have the resources to match our targets, but we must make an extra effort in the coming years.”

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