Government’s 6th 5-Year Development Plan Under Scrutiny / By HASSAN FATHI

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Does the Annual Growth Rate in Iran stand at 7.4%? Doubtful according to Economists and it isn’t reflected in the general standard of living of the average Iranian.

Iran’s oil based Economy where every agency has its pick and quota marked out, is flawed. The 144 items on the register record Economic development, social denominators and cultural factors. Parliamentarians will examine each item and pass judgment. The bill has been examined by the Parliamentary Joint Commission but proved wanting. Delegates will further scrutinize the bill. Parliament has already questioned certain items. Some MPs are opposed to the bill altogether and demanded a complete change of attitude.
Every nation needs to plot out its Economic development goals. A roadmap – with specific programs! Sustainable Development requires careful thought. The nation cannot proceed without planning.
A program in itself is futile unless the Government respects and carries out its findings. The Legislature – Parliament – must work closely with the Executive Power – President and Cabinet – to make it happen.
Iran has already legislated five Development Plans. The current Government must follow the trend – according to the precepts and goals previously laid down. That has not always been the case, unfortunately. We have been chopping and changing. Former governments and Parliamentarians failed to keep to the Development Plan. Parliament of the day remained silent and failed to react. Why bother drawing up the Development Plan if it is not carried out? It’s a waste of time!
It’ also common sense to focus on a set program and keep to it! Why should our statesmen and some governments refuse to adhere to any set program? Why skim and circumvent laws and ordinances? Obviously something shady may be going on!
Once Parliament ratifies the Development Plan, the 11th Government is duty-bound to respect and carry it out. Parliament and supervisory agencies must administer its implementation.
The problem is that state institutions and agencies are slow to act. They overlook devious acts and discrepancies. If an individual is apprehended – usually after leaving office – the process is sluggish, inefficient and futile. No wonder tax evaders are on the rise! Offenders are rarely pursued or prosecuted. Loose Laws have led to huge financial scams. The only cure is to take matters seriously: The Government must respect the law and make sure that the public does likewise.

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