Iran, EU to Hammer Out Agreement on JCPOA / By HASSSAN FATHI

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Only a few days left before we usher in the New Year. Two challenges face Iran in 2017: hammering out a satisfactory solution to flaws in Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  – d’Amato Law in Vienna; New US President Donald Trump.

These are troubled times. The world is looking for breakthroughs amid social, Economic and human errors.
The d’Amato Law.  Act. Iran, Libya Sanctions  of 1996 (ILSA).
US Congress ratified the legislation and President Obama signed and renewed sanctions for a further ten years.
Britain opposed the act at the outset alleging the non-validity of extra-territorial US ruling: Yet the Sanctions Law Act gained renewed significance in the context of the Joint Plan of Action. EU Foreign Policy Chief has acted quickly to convene 5+1 and Iran to iron out differences.
Foreign ministers of the five and Iran will focus on thorny issues. A working group comprising representatives of all the group has already began the task. The Commission of foreign ministers has been presented with a resume of the working group.
The international community, including Iran, is going through a difficult spell of suspense while awaiting Donald Trump to take the Oath of Office and assume the Presidency of the United States on January 21st 2017.
What will US Conservatives do once their man is sworn into office? National interest will be at the top of President-elect Trump’s priorities: Democrats assumed office in 2008. President Obama ruled all of eight years. Outwardly, there is little difference between the two parties which put America first: But Trump has made it known that he is a man of a different order, referring to JCPOA. His standpoint is important and threatening, according to some. The Nuclear is important for Iran and relevant for all signatories.
So far so good and the International Atomic Agency has voiced support for Iran’s adherence to its obligation. The Joint Action Commission is also satisfied with Iran’s performance. Yet there are those who are vehemently against the Joint Plan and disregard national interest. Mobs in the capital and provinces are hollering abuse at the Government and officials. They are distorting the benefits of the Joint Plan and disparaging Iran’s Economic revival. Why dishearten the rank and file when the Government is doing everything for public welfare? No difference between the vicious opposition at home and enemies abroad. Some pose as defenders of the Faith and followers of His Eminence the Leader, but the reality is very different. What worse than a ranting Netanyahu or rampaging rhetoric of President-elect Trump? Much of this is done in the name of national interest. Whoever is behind the campaign of abuse and libel against the Administration is creating havoc and trampling on national interest. Neither Netanyahu in Tel Aviv nor Trump in Washington did so much harm to our national interest.
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