Iran’s Expanding Sphere of Influence! By HASSAN FATHI

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Diplomatic breakthrough: The Government of Moderation and Hope exceeded all expectations!

Iran is out of solitary. Major changes have taken place. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) has opened new vistas. Goodwill on behalf of all concerned means that global markets are ready to deal with Iran. It’s a two way deal: Interested parties can sign treaties with us and we are able to reach out to the world for commerce and trade.
Iran is equally concerned in regional talks, security pacts and cooperation deals. Regional goodwill has been instrumental throughout. Each and every entity is ready to lend a helping hand, dispel distrust and contribute to greater effective cooperation with Iran.
Top officials from Asia, Europe and as far afield as South America have travelled to Iran. Members of Iranian Cabinet are constantly on the move! Economic, social and cultural ties are at the top of their agenda. The effects of the Joint Plan can be felt. The world is witness to Iran’s constructive contribution to regional peace and Economic growth.
Confidence building is an essential part of Iranian foreign policy. It’s not empty words or a mere signature on a piece of paper! Iran has chosen the way forward: We must cement our ties and build on friendship. Years of mistrust and enmity won’t disappear overnight but we have made a good beginning.
Opponents of JCPOA readily dupe the public and are set to discredit the Government. An acrimonious campaign is intent on censuring public figures and discredit the Government: A return to the Dark Ages, they clamour : A return to sorrow, grief, heartache of the sanction era, they say. They care little for the welfare of the public, oblivious to the need of the majority of Iranians. Vested interest advocates surrender, submission and capitulation!
Respecting the needs and interests of the other party while dealing with regional states, is another aspect of Iranian policy. Win – win wherever possible. We carefully avoid verbosity, libel and licence. This doesn’t mean that we neglect national interest: We don’t tolerate a domineering attitude from any party since it leaves a sour taste; it is detrimental to friendly bonds and leads to complications.
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