Moscow, Istanbul, Tehran Meet on the Future of Syria / By HASSAN FATHI

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Defence Minister Dehghan are in Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin is hosting a tripartite meeting on Syria.
The war on terrorism must be uncompromising and merciless, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday.

Fighting in Aleppo amidst ceasefire and evacuation of civilians is on top of the agenda. Regional states are increasingly in favour of a negotiated settlement and diplomatic breakthrough in fighting.
No effort will be spared in discussing every aspect of the conflict. The three foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey will be alert and deal with every aspect of the current stalemate in Syria. One to one talks and reunions between officials of the three countries will be held in Moscow.
What will be is the future of Syria and the position of current Syrian President Bashar Assad in any eventuality? Whatever the outcome of the tripartite meeting, Syria must heed the wishes of its neighbours so that peace may ultimately reign in the region. The major task of rebuilding Syria is prominent on the agenda. Current
gains by the Syrian Ba’ath Party and its allies does not mark the end of terrorism. The military campaign has weakened and blighted terrorists in Syria and Iraq: They are on the defensive! Constructive strategy and cooperation between all concerned could bring terrorists to their knees.
Warming relations between Putin and US President-Elect Donald Trump have raised hopes of speedy resolution to Syrian conflict and eradication of terrorism in Iraq and Middle East. The future of Bashar Assad remains a stumbling block since Turkey is opposed to Iran, Russian calls for compromise. “Assad must go,” has resonated from Turkish platforms. Today’s talks must focus on:
۱٫ Defeat of terrorism in the region
۲٫ Future of Syrian regime in the context of peace and stability for its people
Presumably terrorism will ultimately be defeated through the military campaign:
But religious bickering and cultural divide must be tackled since it is the mainstay of terrorists and bigots – otherwise they will resurface.
Syria is instrumental in the fight against terrorism. Unless we build on these foundations, the internecine conflict will continue to destabilize the whole of Syria and threaten its neighbours.
The Moscow meeting is important since it will set the stage for a roadmap of future Syria and region. Much is at stake as the media is reminding the world of the danger of further friction which will lead to deterioration of the situation on the ground.

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