Pandemonium and Lawlessness Create Havoc! / By HASSAN FATHI

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Why bother since it was obvious: The nearer we get to Presidential elections in May, the campaign deteriorates into an ugly spectacle. Harsh words and licence is the order of the day. Why undermine public confidence on all that this Government has achieved over the last several years?
In and out of the country, hardly a day goes by without some sort of manifesto or proclamation is posted on the net. Mischief form abroad, calamity at home: The charade doesn’t cease. Sound recordings have been distributed blaming the Administration for dry spells, lack of housing or old crates on the road polluting the air.
A section of the opposition is convinced that any cooperation or dialogue with the outside world is bad. Vested interest is losing its grip on power and will stoop to any action to block reforms, free trade or new industrial venture or proposal. The campaign is getting dirtier by the day, while plots and conspiracies are being hatched every day to embarrass the Government. Think tanks have been set up with the express purpose of bringing down the Administration. The Devil is at work; even Satan would blush at their machinations.
Not all are in favour of the Government: Fair enough. A strong multi-party political system ensures people, with a variety of like opinions, can join together to advocate for issues and communicate their views to their governments. Multi-party systems, that are balanced and competitive, also help channel civic discontent into constructive policy debate and change, helping to avoid the violence that plagues our nation.
Outwardly, every genuine political party knows the rules. It’s inscribed on their charter. Even more important, national interest, what we stand for and safeguarding our good name in the international community.
Here again, rogue politicians and rednecks don’t want to know! Some may be in the dark about the consequences of foolish ploys and stupid plots. Where is the law in all this? Why hasn’t the Judicial powers in the land responded to outstanding threats? Why endanger our territorial entirety and political integrity?
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