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Presidential elections are drawing near. Electoral campaigns are underway. The Administration has come under a torrent of criticism and unfair abuse. The Government of Hope and Moderation brought a measure of stability; Inflation is down to single figures; Europe, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and scores of other nations are shuttling back and forth to Tehran to sign trade deals; Iran’s air passenger fleet is being renewed after over thirty five years; We are again selling oil: Why the furor, why undermine the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action? The treaty has been ratified by Washington, London and Moscow. The United Nations Security Council has sanctioned JCPOA: Is that bad?
Why the libel and foul mouthed rhetoric? Why resort to mob rule? Some in the media and tabloids which are run by the opposition are part and parcel of this abuse.
One instance has been sneak peeps at confidential documents and private Parliamentary sessions with the Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif: The latter refuted reports of what he actually said. All this is related to the forthcoming elections. Why divulge discreet documents which are confidential? Foreign Minister Zarif served the nation well. Why then should bigots who pose as devout Muslims take part in such charade? Why cause a rift between the public and the Government?
Admittedly, political factions have every right to criticize – but give credit where credit is due: Why the downright lies and false accusations? It’s immoral and contrary to Islamic precepts. It’s a sign of helplessness! Duplicity; every ruse has been exhausted. Heckling the Government on provincial tours and at public rallies are other mean attempts at undermining public conference in the Administration. People are not stupid and much of this falls on deaf ears. Some have assumed the mantel of Faith and deep Islamic devotion and taken up the cudgel against their rulers!
The Joint Plan has been targeted as never before but the men of Hope and Moderation are sticking fast to their task of honest to goodness governance. Even if President Rouhani suffers defeat in the elections, the rank and file of Iranians will not tolerate these thugs and hoodlums.

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