New Front Against the Government! By HASSAN FATHI

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“Wind, cloud, fog, Sun and the elements gang up on President Rouhani,” so went the article. “President and Government are incompetent and public opinion is against them,” say the opposition.
The closer we draw to the May presidential elections, the more acrimonious and bitter the conflict. The propaganda machine and print media at their beck and call is all too evident.
Regular updates are posted on the brewing storm. question of additional updates and advertising campaign against the Government; Double, double toil and trouble! Germinating and sprouting like fungi.
As things stand, Rouhani has no equal. No contest in real terms but the time are unpredictable. Does Rouhani have a mouthpiece in the media? Can he sway the masses in a confrontation? Which way will people turn when the going becomes rough? He may be in for a rugged ride!
There are always those who will fan the flames, unruffled feathers and create a noise. Why dash the hopes of millions and undermine the Government of Hope and Moderation? There is so much at stake!
Rumour mongers are at work: Haul the President’s brother before the Judiciary they say. But he hasn’t done anything, his attorney retorted. Anything goes, unfortunately. The Ministry of Oil has been targeted in spite of good work, stable prices and booming revenues!
Plasco Building in Central Tehran burnt down. Nineteen firefighters were buried yesterday. Thousands upon thousands grieved. They didn’t have the equipment. Proper City Crisis Management lack in Iran.
Newly instated American President is becoming a headache for Iran. He has aligned a contingent of military brass to run his Administration. What to do with ranting Netanyahu who is capitalizing on the chaos and his looming prosecution for financial irregularities to advise Trump on Iran?
Rouhani is under pressure to be honest, both from local trouble makers and the Devil without! In the words of our beloved Emam Hossein (A.S.)
“If you lack Faith, be fair and compassionate.” There is no time and place for wisdom! It is the exegesis of all times.
The uproar, savagery and feud of the opposition fuels the flames of our enemies abroad. A dose of Netanyahu outweighs the most potent poison at this time. The opposition is a thorn in the side of good governance. People have lost patience. Sick and fed up with the rubbish they are spewing from every direction.
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