Obama’s approval rating was at its highest point in years, and that could be a big problem for Donald Trump

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Two years ago, President Barack Obama was largely absent from the campaign trail. Prospective and incumbent senators and House members shied away. His approval rating languished near the lowest point of his presidency.
Two years later, the script had flipped. He is trying to help elect the second-least-popular nominee in modern presidential history, Hillary Clinton, to carry on his legacy in office. He was ‘s perhaps her best surrogate.
“Obama was the single most effective surrogate she had. It is hard to recall a time when an incumbent popular president campaigned so hard for his party’s nominee,” according to Jon Favreau, the former director of speechwriting for Obama.
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جهت ارسال پیام و دیدگاه خود از طریق فرم زیر اقدام و موارد زیر را رعایت نمایید:
  • پر کردن موارد الزامی که با ستاره قرمز مشخص شده است اجباری است.
  • در صورتی که سوالی را در بخش دیدگاه مطرح کرده باشید در اولین فرصت به آن پاسخ داده خواهد شد.