President Donald Trump:What the Hell Is Going On?

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Republican President Donald Trump at the National Guard Association of the United States
So many elements of the former administration’s legacy are at stake.
Trump Fired Acting Attorney General Over Her Stance Not to Enforce Travel Ban

rump pledged to undo signature achievements on healthcare (the Affordable Care Act), the environment (historic new regulations aimed at curbing climate change), and foreign policy (the Iran nuclear deal).

Trump is seeking to disparage Obama’s legacy. But Barack Obama’s approval ratings and popularity suggest that his argument might become more and more a lost cause.

Trump claims that Obama was an un-American disaster.

Formr White House Speechwriter Favreau said: “Trump convinced himself that the Fox News view of Obama was the public’s view.”
Obama’s approval ratings were far better than those of George W. Bush, his predecessor, off whose unpopularity Obama thrived during his 2008 run. His level is most directly comparable to that of Ronald Reagan, who in March 1988 held a 51% approval rating, according to Gallup.
That same year, voters selected George H.W. Bush — Reagan’s vice president — to succeed him.
“Yes,” said Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary for George W. Bush, when asked earlier this year whether Obama’s apparent rising popularity posed a problem for the Republican Party.
“Certainly, going into an election spring and summer, it’s better to have an incumbent president increasingly popular rather than less popular if you’re the incumbent party,” he confessed.
The numbers present a striking contrast to some data points associated with the current Republican presidential nominee.

A Gallup survey earlier this year showed that 42% of voters viewed Trump in a “highly unfavorable” light, compared with 16% who saw him highly favorably. That’s the highest negative percentage for any major presidential candidate since at least 1956, according to Gallup.

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