Adjusting Foreign Policy to Economic Expansion!

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Foreign policy plays an important role in capturing new markets for Iranian products. Then again, Economic expansion, international operations, sale of Iranian products abroad requires careful planning and publicity. Much of this is in the realm of foreign diplomacy.
The Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Industries recently asked Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif for help. The Nuclear Deal has broken new ground but Iran has a lot of catching up to do. The oil and gas industries are well versed in their own field. Oil conglomerates bring their own teams and State-of-the-Art Technology with them.
The Iranian carpet industry is acclaimed worldwide as works of art. Each piece is sought after: But generally speaking, Iran lags behind in language skills and marketing. The Caucuses are opening up. Kazakhstan is boasting of hosting some 7 million tourists each year. The Commonwealth of Independent States are moving with the times. Iran is also active but this is a small part of the world. The North, South Railway on the Old Silk Road is being developed.
Economic, political ties go together. Whether it’s across the Caspian Sea or across the Persian Gulf or on the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand, Iran must expand economic ties. Business means more jobs at home and more revenues. We must not rely entirely on oil and gas for Forex.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry is capable and has the expertise. The Chamber of Commerce is on the right track but change must come quickly. Without the skills and capability to produce and sell on the international market, our economy will stagnate. The world has given Iran the green light. The Iran, 5+1Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has enormous potential. Remains to capitalize and produce according to the needs of South East Asia, Europe and the world in order to bring prosperity to our country and the region.
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