‘Domestic Politics Should Not Interfere with Foreign Policy’

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Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has said domestic politics should not overlap into foreign affairs. The country’s prestige in international arena must be safeguarded, he continued. 
Mr. Zarif was speaking in the Parliament Economic Commission in a session on Tuesday to address possible Foreign Ministry role in strengthening economic ties and trade with countries as a diplomatic wing of the foreign policy; “we received expert opinions from the Commission on joint committee with the Commission to address the implementation of Sixth Development Plan and FM’s missions in the Resistance Economy,” he told the press.
His criticism was rather tepid about the fact that the foreign policy had been the subject of internal conflicts between different officials from different parties. Our foreign policy has not escaped being a pretext for the circles hostile to government agenda, he commented. Foreign policy should not be the butt of attacks in the run-up to the presidential election in May, he emphasized. “Foreign policy should not be a ground for domestic muscle flexing,” concluded the Foreign Minister.
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