Drawing the Line Against ‘Footloose’ Fatwas in the U.K.

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A Muslim teenager filmed twerking while wearing her headscarf causes a storm of unacceptable but all-too-predictable intolerance.
LONDON—A Muslim girl wearing a headscarf was filmed dancing in the streets of Birmingham, U.K.—twerking, in fact—and the smartphone video soon went viral, viewed over a million times. Ironically, it was popularized in no small part by outraged Muslim men.
The fundamentalist Muslim backlash directed at this anonymous 17-year-old girl’s innocuous behavior was instant, personal, and severe. The young girl issued a tearful, pitiful public apology that was broadcast by a pair of fundamentalist roving-fatwa YouTubers as a “repentance” to placate the frothing Islamist mob.
Two days later the world celebrated International Women’s Day.
A British Muslim girl was publicly slut-shamed, witch-hunted, and threatened until she totally submitted to the diktats of fundamentalist British-Muslim men, and the incident went barely noticed by our British left. This is despite the fact the brazen persecution was carried out unashamedly and unapologetically for all to witness by a pair of social media cretins.
The incident centered around the page of a quasi-literate fundamentalist British Muslim street preacher.
Unlike certain intersectional feminists who seem to have forgotten what it is that they are meant to be fighting for, Ali Da’wah makes no secret of his disdain for women: “I believe Muslim woman [sic] don’t need feminism… What does feminism offer that Islam doesn’t? What if feminism opposed Islam which one will you follow?” just after posting a meme showing a woman who looks frustrated and angry that reads: “When you can’t open a jar after thirty minutes and realize you’re not a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man.” Such views acted as a backdrop on Ali’s page to what happened next.
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