There’s Nothing ‘Nice’ About President Trump’s War on the Media

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The president’s tweet bemoaning media rudeness was either expert trolling or another attempt to bend the Fourth Estate to his will. Or both.
It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Donald Trump despises the Washington Post—but who knew that he’s a fan of Emily Post?
Early Monday morning, the president of the United States seemed to be channeling the legendary American etiquette doyenne when he tweeted: “It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!”
This is not the first time that President Manners has schooled members of the news media in appropriate decorum.
“Don’t be rude!” Trump commanded CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta during a pre-inaugural Jan. 11 press conference, refusing to take Acosta’s question after the latter objected to Trump’s trash-talking of his network.
Sam Donaldson, ABC’s legendary White House correspondent who was occasionally called “rude” for his loud and persistent grilling of presidents, said about Trump’s tweeted admonition: “Remember what [Jimmy Carter’s press secretary] Jody Powell used to say? That’s like being called ugly by a frog.”
Donaldson told The Daily Beast that nearly three decades ago, when he and Diane Sawyer co-anchored an ABC program called Primetime Live, he, too, was the object of Trump’s etiquette education.
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