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The Brains behind Cocoon Maldives

The Brains behind Cocoon Maldives
(Thursday, May 9, 2019) 21:09

Unravelling Cocoon: meet the creative minds behind the first design hotel in the Maldives. Daniele Lago, Simona Fabini, Tomaso Schiaffino and Gian Luca Innocenzi, together with Vito Di Bari, are among the notable designers involved in the formation and establishment of Cocoon, the first design hotel in the Maldives.

Cocoon Maldives is influentially a collaborative effort between Alessandro Azzola, Managing Director of Cocoon Maldives and Daniele Lago, CEO and Chief Designer of leading Italian design company Lago.

A creative, inventive, and innovative leader, Daniele Lago propelled the success of the Lago brand since its launch. Today, the brand is highly established and recognized worldwide, especially in the furniture sector. The brand even has a strong social media presence, with a following of as large as one and a half million.

Cocoon’s alliance with a design company as niche and creditable as Lago is auspicious. Given the company’s area of expertise, Lago meets the image of Cocoon as a brand of lightness, hospitality, and empathy with the surrounding environment.
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Every piece of furniture is specifically selected to align with the company’s concept; suspended beds, washbasins with contemporary draining system, authentic sicilian hand-painted ceramic tables and swings are part of them.

Complimenting the state-of-art furnishing is light installation by Tomaso Schiaffino, Art Director of Bellaria Design. Specialising in ‘lighted furniture and unique design products’, Bellaria Design’s ‘Tree of Light’, which was featured in the Oscar-winning movie ‘The Great Beauty’, is a top-rated innovation of Cocoon.

Exclusively designed and made in Italy, the ‘Tree of Light’ has received tremendous attention. Inspired by trees, these innovative light installations are particularly popular amongst guests for Instagram worthy shots.

Responsible for the development of Cocoon from its earliest stages right through to completion is Simona Fabini, chief Architect of Cocoon. With 20 years of experience in residential and tourism projects, both in Italy and abroad, Fabini steered the development of Cocoon, transforming it into the hotel, as we know it today. Fabini is the talent responsible for integrating and harmonizing the various elements which constitute Cocoon en masse. Another remarkable work of Fabini is the Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa, an ultra-luxurious 5-star property located in the "spice island".

Another unique feature at Cocoon is Gian Luca Innocenzi and Vito Di Bari ‘Tree of Wellbeing’ by MyEquilibra. Integrating outdoor workout, technology, art and community, ‘Tree of Wellbeing’ is the world’s first outdoor fitness system based on instinctive body movements. Inspired by nature, ‘Tree of Wellbeing’ is shaped to emulate an elegant artwork, with fine details, style and technological sophistication, apt for Cocoon.

Being the first to adopt this innovation, Cocoon is the first hotel in Maldives with a fully equipped outdoor gym.

 ."Who will be the next creative inspiring and expressing himself in Cocoon? To quote Daniele Lago: "never stop designing spaces

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